Your website in the making

Your website's effectiveness is, to a large extent, determined by its intuitiveness and accessibility. Our design methodology favours an uncluttered, elegant and easy-to-use interface, so that the information fundamental to your business is easily accessed.

As business requirements evolve rapidly, on internet more than anywhere else, our websites are built with flexibility and extendibility in mind. The programming framework Ruby on Rails is used for most of our projects, making it easy to accommodate future functional needs on your web application.


The artisan in the flesh

Loïc is a French native from La Bourboule , in the volcanic region of Auvergne.
After studying classic philosophy for three years, his interest in the Celtic culture led him to Limerick, Ireland in 1999.

His increasing interest for the cultural and technical dimensions of the web prompted him to explore social interactions on internet, improve his graphic and typographical skills as well as becoming proficient in various programming languages.

He has been designing and developing web applications for small and medium companies ever since.